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What’s new in Apple Watch and watchOS 9

Sep 24, 2022

Apple Watch 和 watchOS 9 中的新功能

- Apple Watch Series 8. With a new high-g accelerometer and improved gyroscope, the latest Apple Watch can help detect severe car crashes and automatically alert emergency services. It also features a new temperature sensor that enables advanced cycle tracking features including retrospective ovulation estimates.

- Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation). Like Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation) offers severe car crash detection, a high-g accelerometer, and improved gyroscope.

- Apple Watch Series 8。 透過新的高 g 力加速感應器和經改進的陀螺儀,最新的 Apple Watch 可以協助偵測嚴重車禍並自動通知緊急服務。它亦包括全新的溫度感應器,可以啟用包括回顧排卵時間推算的進階經期追蹤功能。

- Apple Watch SE(第 2 代)。 如同 Apple Watch Series 8,Apple Watch SE(第 2 代)亦提供嚴重車禍偵測、高 g 力加速感應器,以及經改進的陀螺儀。

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