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Apple Tips - Safety Check (iOS16)

Nov 7, 2022

Apple Tips - Safety Check (iOS16) iPhone 上的安全檢查(iOS16)

Safety Check allows you to quickly check who you've shared information with. The feature also allows you to restrict Messages and FaceTime to your iPhone, reset system privacy permissions, and change passcodes and passwords associated with your iPhone and Apple ID.

You must be signed in to your Apple ID on your iPhone to use Safety Check.

  1. Open Settings

  2. Tap Privacy & Security

  3. Tap Safety Check

For more details, please click HERE

安全檢查可讓您快速檢查與誰共享信息。 該功能還允許您將消息和 FaceTime 限制在您的 iPhone、重置系統隱私權限以及更改與您的 iPhone 和 Apple ID 關聯的密碼和密碼。

您必須在 iPhone 上登錄 Apple ID 才能使用安全檢查。

  1. 打開設定

  2. 點按私隱和保安

  3. 點按安全檢查


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