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Apple Tips - Change weak or compromised passwords on iPhone

Nov 7, 2022

Apple Tips - Change weak or compromised passwords on iPhone 在 iPhone 上更改低強度或已洩漏的密碼

When you create and store your own passwords for websites and apps, iPhone automatically identifies common weaknesses (for example, if they’re easily guessed or used multiple times). iPhone can also securely monitor your passwords and alert you if they appear in known data leaks.

  1. Go to Settings  > Passwords > Security Recommendations. If an account has a weak or compromised password, a message explains the problem.

  2. Tap an account.

  3. Tap the Password field, then tap Copy Password, so you can paste it where it’s requested—for example, when you create a new password and you’re asked to enter your old password.

  4. Tap Change Password, then change your password on the website or in the app. If the website or app allows you to upgrade to Sign in with Apple, you can take advantage of the security and convenience of that feature. If you aren’t given the upgrade option when you change your password, many accounts allow iPhone to automatically create a strong password that you don’t have to remember.

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當你製作並儲存自己的網站和 App 密碼,iPhone 會自動識別常見的弱點(例如其易於被猜到或已多次使用)。iPhone 亦會安全地監察你的密碼,並在密碼出現在已知資料洩漏時向你提供警示。


  1. 前往「設定」 >「密碼」>「保安級別建議」。 如帳户使用低強度或已洩漏的密碼,會有訊息解釋此問題。

  2. 點一下帳户。

  3. 點一下「密碼」欄位,然後點一下「複製密碼」,這樣你就可以在要求的位置將其貼上,例如,當你製作新密碼且你被要求輸入舊密碼時。

  4. 點一下「更改密碼」,然後在網站上或 App 中更改密碼。 如網站或 App 允許你升級至「使用 Apple 登入」,你便能享有該功能的保安和便利優勢。如在你更改密碼時未有得到升級選項,許多帳户會允許 iPhone  自動製作高強度密碼,這樣你就無需記住那些密碼。

附註:如 iPhone 向你的密碼作出警吿,而其來自已不適用的網站或 App,你可以將該帳户從你的 iPhone 和「iCloud 鑰匙圈」移除。前往「設定」 >「密碼」,然後在帳户上向左掃。


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