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Mac as a business choice

我們是 Apple 授權維修中心

我們的技術人員受過 Apple 專業訓練,且一律使用原廠 Apple 零件,因此您可以放心將各種 Apple 裝置交給我們處理。




Apple Business Manager (ABM) is a web-based portal for IT administrators to deploy iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac, all from one place. Working seamlessly with an MDM solution.


Apple Business Manager makes it easy to automate device deployment, purchase apps and distribute content, and create Managed Apple IDs for employees.


With Apple Business Manager, every iPhone, iPad, and Mac can be set up and configured automatically - eliminating the need for IT teams to handle each device individually. IT can also purchase and distribute apps for employees.


2小時 iPhone 屏幕


Device set-up process can be streamlined and customized



Device set-up process can be streamlined and customized



Device set-up process can be streamlined and customized

Tricks & Tips


憑藉 30 多年的 Apple 產品維修服務,您可以放心將所有 Apple 設備交給我們。我們的技術人員訓練有素,並獲得 Apple 認證。我們使用原裝 Apple 部件提供經過認證的維修。 

作為香港最有經驗的 Apple 授權服務供應商之一,我們的專業維修服務團隊隨時為您的 Apple 產品提供最佳解決方案。從提供一般服務和維護到 Apple 保修和保修期外的維修服務。

Reasons why choosing Apple Devices - Tricks & Tips

 Make the most of your Mac with features by watching the following tricks and tips. Find out more about how to use your Mac at work effectively.

How to use Mail on your Mac

How to use Split View on Mac

Track changes in Pages documents

How to use Shortcuts on Mac

Apple 產品維修價目表

Apple Certified Support.png

Apple Certified Support Professional

To support and troubleshoot Apple devices for enterprise customers, our service team has been well-trained in skills, tools, and knowledge. Senco provide Apple Certified Support service for applications, devices including macOS, iOS and iPadOS.


Jamf Certified TECH

Jamf Pro, Jamf Business Plan were specifically designed for Apple devices, is the best practices of mass deployment & management solution. 


Mac as an employee choice

Implementing Mac as an employee choice enables corporate to provide their employees a choice between a macOS or a Windows computer. Many successful case references indiciated the implementation of Mac as a choice with following positive results :

  • User experience is higher

  • Keeping macOS up to date is easier

  • Employee performance is higher

  • Employee retention rate is higher

  • Optimize IT Spend & technical cost

  • Increased productivity with seamless compatibility

Apple devices work with most enterprise systems and application, giving your employee access anytime & anywhere with everything they need. 

Employee Purchase Program 

Senco provides an evergreen & custom online ordering portal to our corporate customers. Exclusive discounts and seasonal offerings with a wide-range of Apple products will be provided to your employee to meet your procurement needs or employee welfare. Dedicated & custom web link with comprehensive payment options for customer to make the purchase friendly.


Authorized Service Provider
Enterprise-level service support


Senco os an Authorized Apple Service Provider offering enterprise-level macOS support to provide customers with the deep technical expertise and a single point of contact. This includes leveraging Apple-certified repairs and Apple-authorized warranty service for Mac and RMA fulfillment.

Apart from the carry-in service provided by our service centre, Senco provide on-site service to our customer to fulfill the customer's need.








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